How does
GreenSpace help
my organization?

Make use of our comprehensive analytics to re-envision your workspace.

Understanding occupancy rates and resource usage is crucial for future real estate decisions and making responsible, cost-efficient energy use choices.

Integrated Analytics

Our integrated analytics also allows for administrators to free up open resources to better suit your company's needs. Our scheduling system (powered by SmartWay2) will automatically free up resources if check-in requirements are not met within the allocated time-frame.

Save Money

Responsibly allocate resources.

Using our GreenSpace solution, you'll be able to see how your resources are being used soon after installation.

This information is vital in deciphering where both time and energy wastes can be removed. These choices will not only save you money, but reduce your carbon footprint as well.

What information is provided?

Average Occupancy: See how often each space is used per workday.

Peak Attendance: This statistic lets you know the largest number of people that attended a particular meeting.

Average Attendance: See how many people on average utilize the space per meeting.

We are also constantly updating visual elements to present the data to you in ways that make it easier for your team to process and understand the statistics presented to you.

Looking to relocate or remodel?

Take note of how much space is actually being used within your corporation and avoid paying for under-utilized real estate. Look towards your future with the in-depth analytics provided by the GreenSpace Solution.

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