Here you will find a compiled list of FAQs that will aid your understanding. If you have further questions that are not answered here, feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Conference Room Scheduling

Yes, all of our Scheduling Apps (powered by SmartWay2) are able to fully integrate with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar.

Yes, any room that utilizes our scheduling system can be booked using the GreenSpace Scheduler App.

Our system can generate a variety of reports: Usage, Peak Occupancy Utilization, Real-time Utilization, Average Utilization, Traffic Maps, Real-Time Maintenance Requests, and the number of people within a specified room at any given time.

Our system can be integrated with third party management systems as long as the third party has an open-source API

Yes, our Enhanced Scheduler (powered by SmartWay2) allows you to view your no-show rates. You can also set meetings to be automatically cancelled if no one shows up within the specified time frame (determined by your Facility Management Team).

Desk Scheduling

If your organization uses flexible workspaces and utilizes unassigned seating and desk space, our desk-sharing solution allows everyone to have visibility of available space. This allows your team to get on with their work and not waste time searching for a workspace. Studies have shown that occupancy management and desk-sharing solutions increase productivity by as much as 11%.

Occupancy Sensors

Undergoing a study gives visibility to real-time space utilization, and our solution allows the study to be far more accurate than traditional manual studies.

Desk-Utilization Rates apply to the percentage of time a particular desk-space is utilized.

Manual sources are unreliable because people are constantly moving around. Our system provides continual aggregate data because our sensors are always on and monitoring occupancy.

No, all communication is encrypted and contains no personally identifiable information.


Yes, we offer 24/7 support for all of your needs.

Utilizing our POE structure, the GreenSpace Solution is constructed with easy scalability in mind.

A "hosted" solution is a cloud-based solution where our servers would handle all of your scheduling solution needs. An "on-premise" solution would mean that the servers are located within the premises of your organization and information would be fully contained within your network. At GreenSpace, we have the ability to provide a hybrid solution of the two. Our hybrid solution allows your organization to keep personal data within your network while only utilizing the cloud servers for the scheduling application data.

GreenSpace offers your organization the option to run a cloud-based scheduling operation, but also offers you the ability to run the application on-premise.

Costs & ROI

Any size organization is ideal for GreenSpace. Utilizing our POE architecture, our solution is easily-scalable to fit any size organization.

Pricing is on a case-by-case basis, and we offer the most competitive prices within the industry.