Stress Free

GreenSpace Scheduling* provides simple communication between all of your team members.

By combining our Scheduling Panels, Wayfinding Displays,
and Mobile App, it is easier than ever to find available
resources to suit your immediate and future needs.

Conference Desk Mobile Enhanced Scheduler

Stay on the same page.

We provide the Facility Management Team with the power to reallocate your resources to streamline your processes and communicate direclty with team members of any changes through our mobile app.

Conference Room Scheduling

Conference Rooms are extremely valuable spaces within any organization, making proper scheduling a top priority.

Our GreenSpace Scheduler* will greatly simplify the scheduling process, saving your corporation precious time and money. All of your team members will have access to the real time schedule, allowing everyone to look forward and schedule required resources with ease.

Booking a Conference Room

We offer multiple methods to book the conference room of your choice.

You can walk straight to the scheduler panel located directly outside the room of your choice. The color-coded screen will offer information at a glance if the room is already in use. Even while in use, you can walk up to the screen and schedule a future booking within the same day. In the even that a meeting requires extra privacy, all GreenSpace Scheduler Systems* allow for anonymous bookings, masking all of the attending team member names from the schedule.

Our GreenSpace Scheduler App* allows remote access to booking a conference room. Simply tell the app that you are searching for a conference room, indicate your time frame, and our app will show you all available conference rooms. You can then choose which one you prefer. You can even schedule a meeting years in advance.

Desk Scheduling

A flexible workspace is an efficient workspace.

By allowing desks to be reserved as needed, you enable your flexible and part-time team members to reserve the necessary resources before ever leaving their homes.

Flexible Working is a fast-growing trend throughout the corporate world. By offering a simple scheduling solution to your mobile team members, everyone can enjoy the benefits. Your mobile team members will save time from making unecessary trips and your Facility Management Team will be able to analyze usage to make energy saving decisions, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

Mobile App Scheduling

Place powerful GreenSpace Scheduler* tools in your hands, wherever you may be.

Need to schedule a meeting from home? Specify your time frame and necessary resource, and our GreenSpace Mobile App will show you all of the available resources. Using the same ability as our Enhanced Scheduler*, you can also invite necessary team members, notifying them of the booking through their smartphone. They will receive a prompt to accept or decline the invite, letting you know who can or cannot make it.

Are you a flexible team member that needs a desk space for the day? Simple search for any desk openings and choose the best one for your needs.
Do you require one near a collaborator? Search for your collaborator by name and our GreenSpace Mobile App* will find the open resource nearest to their workspace.

Check-in is easy with our GreenSpace Mobile App*. Simply open up the QR scanner, scan the QR code provided by either the Meeting Room Panel or Desk Panel and get straight to work.

Enhanced Scheduler

Browser-Based Scheduling

Our Enhanced Scheduler* allows team members to book resources straight from any browser. Simply login to our GreenSpace Scheduler Website* and schedule your booking using intuitive drag-and-drop controls.

The Enhanced Scheduler* also provides easy integration with other calendar applications such as Outlook, Google Calendar, Asure Software, and a constantly growing list of others.

When creating a booking through the Enhanced Scheduler*, you have the same ability to invite necessary team members as our GreenSpace Scheduling App*, providing seamless integration for your entire corporation.

Administrative Control

Our Enhanced Scheduler* allows your Facility Management Team to have an overview of all future bookings scheduled by your team members. While our Scheduler doesn't allow for overlapping bookings, it's still important to have control over your facilities for whenever special events, guests, or any last-minute changes need to be accommodated for.

Using simple drag-and-drop functionality, bookings can be edited, created, or deleted in real-time. Any changes to previously scheduled bookings will use the GreenSpace Scheduler App* to automatically notify the team member who initially created it and any team members that were invited to the meeting.