Simple Solutions

Our GreenSpace Occupancy sensors simplify occupancy management by providing a universally global, scalable integration solution through Power Over Ethernet (POE).

Ad-Hoc Conference Traffic Wayfinding
Globally Scalable

The POE Communication and power supply system allows for a globally standardized platform.

This ensures a uniform offering for your enterprise, translating to both simplified integration and system architecture, meaning fewer points of failure and greater system stability.

Cost Effective

GreenSpace's simplified architecture provides for the most
cost-efficient solution on the market today.

Due to sensors communicating directly with the server, there are no components in between to introduce latency, which lead to additional failure points and costs.

Ad-Hoc Room Sensor

Need to call the team together for a
last-minute huddle?

Our Ad-Hoce Meeting Room Sensors seek to smooth out the process, saving your team precious time in a pinch.

Our sensors send real-time data to our line-of-sight occupancy indicators (located above the entrance of each meeting space), Wayfinder Panels, and GreenSpace Scheduler App (powered by SmartWay2). This enables you to choose the best space for bringing your team together. It will also allow other members of your organization to see that your chosen space is occupied, streamlining the process for everyone.

Conference Room Sensor

Want to know how many people attended your conference?

Our conference sensors track both occupancy and quantity to provide you with all of the analytic data you need.

Utilizing a combination of infrared and acoustic sensors, our Conference Room Sensors provide accurate and up-to-date information regarding occupancy rates and traffic-flow.

Traffic Sensor

Our Traffic Monitoring Sensors are simple people counting sensors placed outside of restrooms and other traffic sensitive locations to monitor traffic flow.

This enables your Facility Management Team to direct maintenance to high-usage facilities when necessary and assist in creating a more efficient maintenance schedule, as well as allowing them to keep up with resource demands during high-traffic events.

We also provide an optional Service Call Button that immediately notifies the Facility Management Team if there is an immediate service need.

Wayfinding Application

Smart Navigation.

Our Wayfinder Displays, combined with our GreenSpace Scheduler App and Panels (powered by SmartWay2), offer an at-a-glance overview of occupied space within the designated floor that enable you to quickly find the open resource you need.